The terminology for every bride and groom

You have started to plan your wedding. The proposal went well and right now, you are preparing for your wedding Czech Republic so you will have a magnificent and absolutely amazing wedding of all time. However, you might feel a little lost among all those terms and words that you have never heard of. So we have prepared a little list of wedding terminology just for you.

a boutonniere on a man’s dress in the right place

  1. Altar

It is a structure or a table at the front of the house of worship (if you are having a religious wedding). But it has a more general meaning – it is a physical spot where you and your significant other will say „yes“ and finish all this planning and preparing.

  1. Black tie X Black tie optional

These two terms mostly appear on a wedding invitation and mean that there is a certain dress code (Black tie) or that it is up to the guests how well they will dress (Black tie optional). If there is a dress code, men need to wear a tuxedo and women have to wear a formal cocktail dress or long evening gown. Otherwise, it is more casual, however, it is still good manners to come nicely dressed.
young couple enjoying their own-style wedding

  1. Boutonniere

A boutonniere is most commonly placed on the left lapel over the heart of the men. It is a common addition to a man’s wedding clothes around the globe, it might be floral or other.

  1. Canape

It is typically a cracker or puff pastry topped with something delicious, however, it can be any other small bite, hors d’oeuvres or other delicacy served before dinner. It should be a small, bite-sized dish.

  1. Celebrant

It might be a member of the clergy, a judge or a member of the town council, that will officiate your ceremony and has the power to pronounce you „married“. Note that in the Czech Republic, it must be a government official for foreigners or a member of the clergy.

  1. Charger

This is a large plate that is used as a base of a place setting. Plated courses are placed on the very top of this charger and can be removed before the serving of the main course.